Wednesday, 18 June 2014

WELS - Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme | Plumb’In Bathroom

 So what is WELS rating?
WELS, short for Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme, is a national New Zealand standard water rating. It allow consumer to compare the water efficiency between different products. This scheme provides a national standardise star rating system – the more star rating a product has, the more water efficient it is. Keeping in mind when purchasing a low pressure water product you might want to consider purchasing a product with a low star rating. As a low star rating on a low pressure product will provide more water flow.

WELS Star Rating Scheme
0 Stars                   >16                         (More than 16 litres/minute or failing performance requirements)
1 Star                     >12 to 16              (More than 12 l/m, but not more than 16 l/m)
2 Stars                   >9 to 12                (More than 9 l/m, but not more than 12 l/m)
3 Stars                   >7.5 to 9               (More than 7.5 l/m, but not more than 9 l/m)
4 Stars                   >6 to 7.5               (More than 6 l/m, but not more than 7.5 l/m)
5 Stars                   >4.5 to 6               (More than 4.5 l/m, but not more than 6 l/m)
6 Stars                   4.5 or less            (4.5 l/m or less)
NB:  For shower heads, the WELS scheme currently only allows for up to 3 stars

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