Monday, 16 June 2014

Vanity takes center stage

The vanity is the first thing people look at upon entering your bathroom. Therefore it is important to find the perfect one.

There are a large variety of vanities out in the market with different styles and materials used. In this issue we will discuss the key factors you should consider when choosing a vanity for your bathroom.

bathroom tips leon woodgrain bathroom vanityWhat materials should you choose?
As mentioned above vanities come in a variety of materials. The most important thing when it comes to choosing the right material for your bathroom vanity is durability.

Since the bathroom is a high moisture area, it is essential to choose materials that stand up to this. All of the Plumb’In white vanities come in triple coated lacquer paint finishes which make them moisture resistant.

Another key factor to check is that the vanity has a solid backboard. The backboard gives the vanity stability.

Surface area and Storagebathroom tips Leon 500 white bathroom vanity
Of course this is determined by the size of your bathroom but if you have the space it is a good idea to choose a vanity with a large counter top. This allows you to place your daily essential products right where you need them.

bathroom tips Puru 750mm bathroom mirror cabinetAnother factor to consider is storage, to hide those small items, keeping your bathroom clean and tidy. Plumb’In has a large selection of vanities on display with different counter top sizes and options, floor standing and wall hung cabinets and even bathroom furniture units.

All Plumb’In vanities come with extendable drawer runners and soft closing doors, which means you can pull the drawers right out to see the contents and no banging!

To optimise spacing in your bathroom, a good product to consider is a mirror cabinets, these are also have display in all of our stores.

Come check out the range of vanities available at Plumb'In. Click here to see our range.

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