Tuesday, 1 April 2014

When choosing the right shower

When choosing a shower for your new bathroom or renovation you may be left confused by the vast array of shower enclosure shapes and sizes available. In order to make the most informed choice regarding your new shower enclosure, here are a couple of hints.

1. Space and shape:

The amount of space that you have available in your bathroom will often be the most important factor that determines which shower enclosure is suitable for you. A two or three sided square enclosure, or a different shape, curved, angled or rectangular.

The curved design sometimes known as the round front shower, offers an alternative to the angle corner enclosure. The doors slide open, either side into the surround for maximum access, and are ideal where space is a premium; you also get more space inside the shower as the rounded front allows for the full size of the shower tray.

2. Shower frames and handles:

Make sure the colour of your shower frame and door handle match the colours of the vanity handles and accessories, polished aluminium matched chrome tapware.

Also consider the shape of the handles, if you vanity has round bow handles then its good to have the same shape for your shower door handle.

Be sure to ask what the frames and handles are made of as some chrome finishes are only a painted finish. There is also the white frame option and these match most vanities.

3.Waste position:

Then last hint is the shower tray. Where possible choose a tray that has a corner waste as then you are not standing on the waste every time you shower restricting the amount of water that drains out.

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